Modern Italian Kitchen

Date 2015
Location Model Town, Lahore
Client Mr. Abdul Qayyum
Category Residential

Previously the available space was kind of a store room with a bunch of cupboards and a pillar almost in the middle, which was wasting a lot space being a pain in our eyes. We were engaged to extend the boundaries of this space as well as designing an open kitchen, on a turn-key basis.

Our Solutions

The first thing we noticed was a beautiful view of lush green trees outside the window on this first floor, that made us entirely remove that side of wall for a wide open view. The second thing that bothered us was the pillar that we also replaced by adding a beam to the ceiling. Then proceeded with designing a Modern Style Italian Kitchen. We preferred executing the Kitchen ourselves with our customized design, that benefited at least 60% of saving for the client that any Brand out there would have charged him. Moreover, we did our best with the finest quality materials including Solid Ash Wood for the Lower Cabinets and High-Gloss Duco Finishes for the upper, and Corian based Counter Top. Furthermore, all of the appliances installed are of SMEG, and ROCCA i.e. top quality appliances currently available in Pakistan.